Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I be certain I receive the correct cremated remains?
A) Through each step of the cremation a detailed and meticulous procedure is undertaken to ensure certainty of identification. Each cremation is a singular event. The remains are identified and kept separate at all times.

2) Will my preferred funeral director be allowed to use the Melaleuca Station’s beautiful chapel and gardens?
A) Certainly. All funeral directors and families have access to Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens

3) How do I organise a service at Melaleuca Station Memorial Gardens?
A) Your funeral director will make all the bookings required or you can phone us directly

4) Can I visit our loved ones memorial after hours and on weekends?
A) Yes, Melaleuca Station is open everyday from 8am till 6pm

5) Can a funeral be held at Melaleuca Station on weekends?
A) Absolutely, your funeral director will inform you of any after hours charges that may be applicable

6) Does the chapel have a CD Player, DVD Player and DVD Recorder?
A) Yes, our chapel includes a large plasma screen for ‘special tribute’ presentations on DVD. CD compilations of favourite music and songs are always welcome. Video recording of the service can also be arranged if requested.

7) Do you cremate the coffin as well and do I have to have a coffin?
A) The coffin is always cremated with nothing whatsoever removed after the memorial service. It is a strict requirement that a coffin must be used for every cremation to ensure dignity in placing the deceased into the cremator and the safe operation of the cremation equipment.

8) How soon can we access the cremated remains?
A) Usually within 48 hours, however if a special request is made for a quicker time frame, 24 hours is possible.

9) How do I organise a memorial at Melaleuca Station?
A) Contact our office today on 02 6674 3777 and we’d be happy to discuss all arrangements with you in person or over the phone. If you’d prefer, just send us an email with your details and we’ll contact you.